Patient Care
Assistant (PCA) Program

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Patient Care Assistants (PCA) aid individuals with their healthcare needs and provide bedside care under the supervision of a nurse. Patient care and comfort are the main concerns of a PCA, which means that they often have more direct contact with patients than any other member of a healthcare team.

The Patient Care Assistant diploma program at Southern Technical Institute prepares students with classroom training and practice as well as the clinical experiences to perform a full range of patient care duties or services under nursing or medical direction. They typically work alongside doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to deliver and ensure quality patient care. Duties may range from caring for the hygienic needs of patients to preparing patients for various types of therapy to setting up medical equipment. The Patient Care Assistant’s job is rarely the same from one day to the next. If you’d enjoy performing a variety of tasks throughout the day—and if you would love working with people—the Patient Care Assistant program could be your first step toward a rewarding career!

At the completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Take the State of Florida Certified Nurse Assistant exam.
  • Perform varying tasks, such as helping patients to eat, dress, and bathe.
  • Provide care within a home health setting.
  • Answer calls for help, deliver messages, serve meals, make beds, and provide other light housekeeping services.
  • Monitor and record a patient’s temperature, pulse rate, respirations, or blood pressure.
  • Provide care to patients by helping them get out of bed and assist with ambulation, escorting them to operating and examining rooms, or providing skin care.
  • Assist other medical staff by setting up equipment, storing and moving supplies, or other tasks medical staff may need.
  • Function as a nurse’s assistant providing basic care (bath, skin care, ambulation, range of motion exercises, activities of daily living etc.) and support to residents and their families.
  • Meet the psychosocial needs of residents with meaningful interpersonal relationships for both residents and their families using proficient communication skills.
  • Work as a contributing member of the health care team affecting the quality of care for residents in a long-term care facility.
  • Assist residents in maintaining their dignity, rights and independence as they adjust to the psychological, physical, and economic changes of aging.
  • Provide residents an environment and treatment plan that is safe and free from harm.
  • Employ significant skills in reporting and recording residents’ psychosocial and physical signs and     symptoms to the professional nurse in charge.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation and respect for the diversity and individual differences of each resident.


Where might I find a job?

Healthcare professionals rely on Patient Care Technicians to assist with the critical day-to-day care some patients require. Therefore, a Patient Care Assistant may work in settings where nurses and doctors need assistance such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory health care services
  • Physician’s Offices
  • Residential care facilities
  • Government agencies
  • Home healthcare services

Because Patient Care Assistant training can be completed in less than six months, you can obtain rewarding work in the healthcare environment without having to spend years in school. You can also use your PCA training and knowledge as a stepping stone to further your future nursing or medical career.

If you’d like to learn more about Southern Technical Institute’s Patient Care Assistant program, request more information or if you’re ready to get started, enroll today!

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